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Riverbend Caravan Park - Seasonal Tourer Rules 2024

In addition to the general Park Rules, a copy of which is enclosed, please note the following rules that apply to the Seasonal Touring pitches:-


1. Please respect the privacy of other park users and please keep noise to a minimum, with absolute quiet between 11.00 pm and 8.00 am.         

2. For your security, please ensure that your caravan is fitted with an anti-theft device, e.g. Wheel clamp, hitch lock, alarm, etc.

3. Please ensure that you hold appropriate insurance cover.

4. Awnings must fit on the hardstanding pitches, including extensions and not extend to the grass.

5. Please do not erect tarpaulins over the caravan or awning.

6. Windbreaks and gazebos may only be erected when the caravan is in use, and may not be left up permanently.

7. Please do not leave containers, gas cylinders, bicycles, mats, or other belongings outside your caravan or awning when the caravan is not in use, for visual and security reasons.

8. The caravan exterior should be cleaned periodically during the season, or at the Managers' request, in order to protect the visual amenity of the park.

9. Items may not be stored underneath the caravans.

10. While we take care when mowing around pitches, please do not leave garden ornaments, etc., vulnerable to our machinery, as we do not take responsibility.

11. Be aware that the touring field is vulnerable to river flooding (1 in 40 years, when occupied), so please do not leave susceptible items in your awning or on the ground.

12. To reserve your pitch for the following season, a non-refundable deposit of £330.00 is required to be paid to Reception by 9th September 2024.

13. All pitches must be vacated by 1st  November; a storage charge of £15.00 per night will apply thereafter on uncollected caravans.

14. Our standard Interest Charge of Bank Rate + 8% applies to all fees unpaid at 1st April.

15. If you vacate the pitch prior to the end of the season, and if we are able to re-let the pitch, a refund of 50% of the re-let fee will be made.



A. Our equipment is perfectly capable of coping with electrical demands of electrical appliances manufactured for the specific use in touring caravans.  It is not designed to supply ancillary domestic equipment.           

B. When the caravan is not in use, i.e. when you go home, the caravan must be disconnected from the electrical supply.

C. During the 2024 season, an electric metering and payment device will be fitted to the individual supply sockets to enable pre-payment for electricity.

D. The Park will not be held responsible for failure of electricity supply due to the overloading of our circuitry by users of Seasonal Touring caravans.

E. Only the caravan’s factory fitted heating appliances and portable gas heaters may be used.  Portable electric heating appliances such as panel heaters, fan heaters, etc., are not permitted in either touring caravans or awnings. 

F. Only low wattage electrical items, e.g. specialised caravan kettle (750 W or less), lighting, music centre, toaster, microwave, etc., may be used in touring caravans or awnings. No electric cooker, domestic kettle, fridge, fridge freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, etc.