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Our Park Rules

Foreword. These rules may seem multitudinous, but they result from years of experience in providing the environment in which the majority of our customers wish to enjoy their holiday home - they are for all our benefit.

1. Payment of Accounts 

1.1 Pitch Fees are due in full on or before 1st April each year. A late payment interest charge, of a maximum of Bank Rate plus 8% will apply to all accounts outstanding after 1st April. Please note that we are unable to accept credit or debit card payments for Pitch Fees (such payment method is available for utilities, holiday home purchases and other accounts); Pitch Fees may be paid by cheque, cash, however our preferred method is via bank transfer. If you are having financial difficulty in paying the annual Pitch Fees, then please contact our Head Office for assistance and support. 

1.2 Prior to issuing the annual Pitch Fee invoice, a communication will be sent to Caravan Owners advising of the following year’s Fees (see 1.4 below) and giving an opportunity to reserve a pitch for the next Season by paying a non-refundable Pitch Reservation Fee by 31st December, this fee will be deducted from the invoice total.

1.3 Pitch Fees unpaid within 14 days of the due date will result in the disconnection of services from the holiday home until arrears and a £40.00 reconnection charge are paid. No responsibility will be accepted by the Company for any losses arising from such disconnection.

1.4 Pitch fees are reviewable on an annual basis, usually by 31st December; influences on pitch fee adjustment will be:- the change in Retail Price Index; cost amendments by Government, Local Authority, utility supplier etc. i.e. charges paid to third parties, including those brought about by a change of law or taxation; also significant park expenditure, or on facilities that benefit holiday home pitch owners.

1.5 Caravan Owners who leave before 30th September will receive a refund of 45% of the annual Pitch Fee, if the pitch is re-let to a new customer (or in the case of a part exchange, the part exchangee’s pitch is re-let to a new customer, ditto in respect of multiple part exchanges) by 30th September. Payment of refunds will be made after 30th September.

1.6 The refund of the appropriate portion of any Pitch Fee paid in advance shall be a full discharge of all obligations to Caravan Owners who are required by the Company to leave for persistent or significant breach of the Park Rules.

1.7 Caravan and sundry invoices are due for payment within 14 days, after which time an Interest Charge, of a maximum of Bank Rate plus 8% will be applied from date of invoice, with a minimum late payment on all accounts of £15.00 that are overdue by 14 days or more.

1.8 A cheque that is not honoured, i.e. it “bounces”, will be subject to a £22.00 fee to cover our, and our Bank’s, charges.

1.9 Force Majeure: if a park is compelled to close, due to Government instructions, thereby preventing holiday home owners from accessing the park, during such occurrences the Company will continue to provide its services, i.e. the pitch for the holiday home, connection to utilities, holiday home insurance, maintenance of the grounds, on park attendance, etc. As our services will continue during such circumstances, Pitch Fees will remain due in full throughout such times.

2. Occupation of Parks

2.1 The Parks are open for holiday home occupation only as follows, during which holiday homes may be used for recreational purposes at any time, but not all the time. 

Borders Hideaway Holiday Home Park: at any time of the year 

The Coppice Leisure Park: 15th February - 15th January (Pitches 153 - 158 - at any time of the year) 

The Glen Caravan Park: 1st March - 31st January 

Lickhill Manor Caravan Park: at any time of the year

Lincomb Lock Caravan Park: 1st March - 9th January

Morfa Bychan Holiday Park: 1st March - 9th January

Riverbend Caravan Park: at any time of the year

Hay-on-Wye Caravan Park: at any time of the year

During the time that the Parks are closed, holiday homes may only be visited for maintenance and upkeep purposes during the hours of daylight. Please note that the Park Managers generally take their holidays between November and March, therefore it can be anticipated that there will be reduction in service expectations when they are absent; furthermore the Managers take approximately a week of holiday at Christmas. 

2.2 A Chalet, Holiday Home or Mobile Home cannot be used on a residential basis (i.e. cannot be used as a main or sole residence) unless residential planning permission applies to the particular pitch. At intervals of not less than 12 months, the Company may request proof of residential address from customers who have high utilities usage, such customers will be required to pay an Additional Service Charge to cover increased water, drainage, refuse, maintenance and administration costs.

2.3 Caravans/Holiday Homes are to be used for leisure and recreational purposes only and not for conducting business or any commercial enterprise.

2.4 The Company does not accept responsibility for mail or parcels delivered to the Park - there is no concierge service. Deliveries may not be made to individual caravans.

2.5 Messages will only be forwarded in cases of emergency; such messages should be passed to Reception.

2.6 Caravans may be required to be repositioned by the Company to improve layout, according to the sizes of caravans, to be carried out at the Company’s cost and with the Caravan Owner’s agreement.

2.7 Caravan Owners are fully responsible for the upkeep and safety for themselves and visitors on their pitch, including path and any steps to and on their pitch, ground maintenance, fencing and any decking or constructions present on their pitch, whether erected by the Caravan Owner or not.

2.8 Caravan Owners are responsible for the tidiness of their pitch and are asked to keep the grass trimmed to the roadway. Failure to keep the grass cut will result in the Company cutting the grass at a charge of £45.00 plus VAT per time.

2.9 Fencing of individual pitches is only permitted at The Coppice Leisure Park and Lickhill Manor Caravan Park, where such fencing must be constructed with post and rails as available from the Company, maintenance of the fence is the responsibility of the pitch occupier. All non-standard fences will be given notice for removal.

2.10 A pitch is defined as: - where caravan and garden are enclosed e.g. by a fence, all that ground within the enclosure; where there is no enclosure, all that ground to the exterior door side of the caravan (allowing neighbours’ access to the non-door side of their caravan) up to any road way and/or shared footpaths.

2.11 The Company reserve the right to redefine pitch boundaries to improve layout.

2.12 No caravan shall be used for sleeping more than the number for which it has been constructed. Sleeping in motorcars is prohibited.

2.13 All caravans must be capable of being moved at short notice and wheels must not be removed. Items must not be stored underneath caravans.

2.14 Apart from the standard shed or storage box as available through the Company, no other buildings or structure may be erected. A maximum of two sheds or boxes will be permitted if pitch layout allows, these cannot be joined together to make a larger building. This rule will be strictly enforced.

2.15 Gazebos are permitted for temporary use during hot weather, but may not be left erected thereafter.

2.16 Before digging holes or driving any posts into the ground, please check with the Park Managers the route of any underground services, any damage to services will be chargeable.

2.17 Decking may be erected to holiday homes after a prior plan and subsequent written permission, please email your plan direct to our Head Office. Many pitches are unsuitable for decking. Decking sizes should not exceed front depth 6’, side width 4’. Decks must be constructed from timber only, not metal or UPVC, etc. and must be easily demountable in sections. Please ensure that your contractor has current Public Liability insurance cover. Decks on green holiday homes should be stained green. N.B. The subsequent disposal of any decking will be the responsibility of the holiday home owner.

2.18 Please provide a written request to our Head Office before the skirting of holiday homes. Skirting may only follow the holiday home perimeter, not any decking, and must be made of wood; skirting is not permitted to holiday homes on Morfa Bychan Holiday Park or Riverbend Caravan Park. Please ensure that your contractor has current Public Liability insurance cover. N.B. The subsequent disposal of any skirting will be the responsibility of the holiday home owner.

2.19 It should be borne in mind that holiday homes need to be manoeuvred around the park, therefore the Company cannot be held responsible for decking, patios, planters, shrubs etc. that Caravan Owners position that cause obstruction.

2.20 Please do not leave laundry in visible positions. Washing may not be hung out at weekends nor at bank holidays. Please use a rotary or window hung rack, not a long clothes line.

2.21 In order to protect the visual amenity of the Parks, the erecting of individual television satellite “dishes” and/or, Wi-Fi receivers will only be permitted if they are unobtrusive. The Company’s decision on the visual impact will be conclusive.

2.22 The colour of the exterior of the Caravan cannot be changed without our prior consent in writing.

3. Personal Conduct

3.1 We welcome feedback from all our customers, be it constructive, complimentary or otherwise, please do not hesitate to email or write if you have a point of view to be considered; please note that anonymous correspondence of any type will be disregarded.

3.2 Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times. Children must be supervised so that they are not put at risk, nor are they a danger or nuisance to themselves or others.

3.3 Caravan Owners are responsible for the conduct of all users of, or visitors to, their holiday home.

3.4 Please respect the privacy of other Caravan Owners and please keep noise to a minimum, with absolute quiet between 11:00pm and 8:00am.

3.5 Barbecues and outside entertaining etc. must finish by 10:30pm.

3.6 Alcoholic drinks may only be consumed in and around the immediate vicinity of your holiday home or of a holiday home (including touring caravans and tents) in which you are a guest. No drinking is allowed in the communal areas of the Park.

3.7 Vehicle speed on the parks is maximum 8mph, pedestrians and cyclists have priority.

3.8 Bicycles must be ridden at no more than 8mph, children should not ride bicycles so as to cause a nuisance or undue noise.

3.9 In the interest of safety, rollerskates, rollerblades and skateboards may not be used on the Park roads, also any other method of speedy mobility as at the Park Manager’s discretion.

3.10 Please do not play ball games near the caravans.

3.11 Use of unlawful drugs in the holiday home or anywhere on the Park is a criminal offence and will lead to a termination of the pitch licence.

3.12 Anyone who persistently acts in a manner likely to upset other users of the Park or Park Staff, will be asked to leave the Park.

3.13 Anyone, who is charged with a criminal offence against a member of Company staff or against Company property will be required to leave the park, together with the pitch occupier whose pitch licence will be revoked.

3.14 Firearms, air rifles and dangerous weapons are not permitted on the Park, (other than by park authorised pest controllers). 3.15 Fireworks and Chinese lanterns are not permitted under any circumstances. 

4. Dogs

4.1 Dogs must be kept on a Short lead, i.e. not an extended variable length type; Caravan Owners who persistently allow their dog to run free will be asked to remove their caravan from the Park.

4.2 Dogs must be exercised off the Park, please ask the Manager for a suitable area.

4.3 When fouling occurs you are expected to bag and dispose of it responsibly; this is in the interest of everyone, especially children. There are dog litter bins on the Park.

4.4 Noisy dogs or those that persistently disturb other users of the caravan park will be requested to be removed from the Park.

4.5 Dogs may not be taken into the washrooms.

4.6 Dogs are not to be left unattended such that they cause inconvenience to other park users.

4.7 The Company and the Park Managers reserve judgement as to the suitability of breeds of dog allowed on the Park and to the number of dogs to each caravan or tent.

5. General

5.1 Caravans may not be sold or transferred with the benefit of the pitch. If they are not sold to the Company, they and all ancillaries e.g. decking, landscaping, etc. should be removed from the Park. A disconnection and removal fee will be quoted by Head Office. All outstanding accounts must be settled before removal takes place.

5.2 If you wish to sell your caravan, the Company will be pleased to make an offer for it. Please forward a letter or email to our Head Office requesting a valuation.

5.3 Sub-letting is not allowed. Caravan Owners may lend their caravans to members of their immediate family and genuine friends. When a caravan is so lent, please advise the Park Managers, so as to help in the case of emergencies.

5.4 Requests for repairs or any work etc., should to be made to Head Office or Park Managers and not to individual members of staff. All work done will be invoiced in due course.

5.5 Please help to keep all areas of the Park free of litter.

5.6 The refuse bins may only be used for the disposal of small household waste. Bulky items e.g. furniture, carpets, white goods (fridges etc.), bicycles, etc. must be taken home to your own local tip.

5.7 Garden refuse must be discarded with consideration, please consult your Park Managers for a suitable disposal area.

5.8 No tree may be felled or a major branch removed without written permission via the Park Managers or from our Head Office.

5.9 Trees, shrubs and bushes planted by customers on the Park become the property of the Park, this is to ensure that areas do not become overgrown and trees or shrubs do not become obstructions.

5.10 Flags, bunting or the like may only be erected to celebrate special national occasions and may not be left up permanently, similarly coloured or fairy lights may only be erected at Christmastime. External lighting that causes inappropriate and unnecessary light pollution will be required to be switched off.

5.11 Please do not introduce foreign items into the drainage system, especially cleaning cloths, nappies, incontinence pads, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, oil, paint etc.

5.12 Vehicles on the Park must have road fund licence, current MOT and insurance and be in regular use. Vehicles may not be left or stored on the Park.

5.13 Only private motor cars are permitted onto the Park; motor homes, trailers, lorries, vans and commercial vehicles of any sort are allowed only by prior arrangement.

5.14 Motor car repairs may not be carried out on the Park but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown.

5.15 The road edges must remain grassed and may not be paved over. Tubs, plant pots etc., may only be placed temporarily on the road verge to save wear and tear to the ground in winter months.

5.16 Visitors’ cars and Caravan Owners’ second cars may only be parked near caravans if space allows. Park Managers will request that cars are relocated if their position is causing inconvenience to other Park users.

5.17 You may employ your own tradesmen, e.g. electrician, plumber, etc. or use any suggested by your park office. When you instruct your own landscaper, decking contractor, etc., please seek consent from the Company before work is undertaken, also please supply the Company with a copy of the contractor’s liability insurance certificate.

5.18 No advertisements, notices or sales material may be displayed on holiday homes, touring caravans, vehicles, etc.

5.19 Users of swimming pools (where applicable) must follow the procedures for use of swimming pools as published on signboards and in the separate rules, “Do’s & Don’ts”, applicable to the swimming pools.

5.20 First aid facilities and a defibrillator (AED) are available at the Park Reception.

5.21 At Borders Hideaway, Lickhill Manor, Lincomb Lock, Morfa Bychan & Riverbend, hot water and showers are available in the washrooms for most of the year dependant on weather conditions. Hot water may not be taken from the washrooms for use elsewhere.

6. Conditions of Siting 

6.1 When a caravan reaches 18 years old at Morfa Bychan, the Caravan Owner will be requested to pay a “Scrappage Bond” to cover the future disposal costs of the caravan, for when the Caravan Owner decides to leave the park or when the caravan is 22 years old, whichever is sooner, at which time it must leave the park. Any residue from the Scrappage Bond will be refunded.

6.2 When a caravan reaches 22 years old on Lincomb Lock, The Coppice, The Glen and Riverbend it will be reviewed for internal and external condition, also visual impact, thereafter further annual Pitch Fee renewal will be subject to the agreement of both parties. A “Scrappage Bond” (as in 6.1 above) will be due if the Company considers that a holiday home does not have significant residual value i.e. the holiday home is worth less than its disposal costs.

6.3 Caravans may remain on Lickhill Manor, Borders Hideaway and Hay-on-Wye for up to 18 years old: continuance thereafter will be by annual mutual agreement between the Caravan Owner and The Company; subject to internal and external condition and visual impact.

6.4 All caravans on the Parks are at the sole and absolute risk of the Caravan Owner; the owner of each caravan must hold comprehensive insurance for the caravan.

6.5 We reserve the right to enter caravans in case of emergency and for the proper running of the Park. Spare keys must be left at the Park office to enable this, where a burglar alarm is fitted we will require the access code and/or remote control as applicable.

7. Gas, Electricity & Water Services 

7.1 Caravan Owners will be invoiced for gas and electricity usage in November; regular autumn and winter users will also be invoiced at the end of March; furthermore very heavy users will be invoiced at the end of January.

7.2 It is suggested that Caravan Owners take regular electricity meter readings during the season, so that any irregularity will show up. To check your meter for accuracy, plug in a 1 kw heater (after having turned everything else off first - including the fridge), in one hour, the meter reading should advance by only one unit. Faults should be brought to our immediate notice.

7.3 Similarly, Caravan Owners may wish to monitor their gas consumption by regularly taking meter readings.

7.4 Caravan Owners are strongly recommended to have their holiday home gas appliances and electrical wiring checked annually by qualified engineers.

7.5 We strongly advise that you turn off the water stop tap to your caravan when away from it for a period of time, i.e. similar to turning off the water at home when away on holiday. Please ask your manager for the water stop tap location if unsure.

7.6 Although for the majority of holiday home pitches water usage is included, we reserve the right to charge additionally if water wastage is identified, e.g. there have been occasions when holiday homes have not been properly drained down or isolated, causing excess loss of water.

8. Safety 

8.1 In the event of the break out of fire in a caravan, motorhome or tent, etc., all caravans, motorhomes, or tents etc., within a minimum 20 metre radius of a fire must be vacated immediately.

8.2 Please ensure that your caravan is equipped with suitable fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, all of which ought to be checked annually.

8.3 If there is a time delay between one visit to your caravan and the next e.g. during annual shutdown or other periods, then we recommend that you purge the caravan water supply before drinking.

8.4 Please do not cover or block the manufacturers fitted air vents in your holiday home, free circulation of fresh air should exist when using gas appliances.

8.5 Please do not store flammable products, e.g. petrol, gas, solvents and paint in sheds or storage boxes. Only gas cylinders of a size suitable for barbecues may be used on the Park.

8.6 For safety reasons, in the event of predicted flooding from the River Severn at Lincomb Lock and Lickhill Manor or the River Banwy at Riverbend, all customers must immediately evacuate the park. Information boards will be displayed during flood risk times, advising of predicted levels and actions required.

8.7 For safety reasons, in the event of predicted severe storms or high winds - 85mph at Morfa Bychan Holiday Park, all customers are advised to immediately evacuate the park, or when advised to do so by/via the emergency services.

8.8 At times of heavy snow and/or icy conditions, please note that we do not clear or grit roads and paths. We suggest that in such conditions customers would be wise to vacate their holiday home and return home. Please check the prevailing weather conditions before travelling to the parks.

9. Fishing (Lickhill Manor, Lincomb Lock & Riverbend) 

9.1 Fishing Permits or licences must be carried when using Park waters. Please remove all rubbish after using the fishing pegs.

9.2 Use of Park fishing rights and pegs are entirely at user’s risk.

9.3 At Riverbend a rod licence is required in order to fish on the Park’s waters.

9.4 At Lickhill Manor fishing rights are only available to park users that hold a valid Lickhill Manor Fishing Permit. Permits are available from Reception. Permits holders may challenge other anglers to produce their Permit.

9.5 At Lickhill Manor, separate fishing rights (behind the fenced area of the riverbank in the Riverside Field) are available to bona fide members of the Park Fishing Club, for which reciprocal arrangements with the park apply.

10. Winter Precautions It is advisable that all holiday homes are drained of water for the winter to prevent frost damage, please speak to your Park Manager for advice. The Company will carry out winter precautions if requested to do so by individual Caravan Owners, for which a charge will be made; however due to the capricious nature of holiday home design and the weather, we cannot give a cast iron guarantee against damage.

11. Accessibility Statement: this can be read on our website,, on the page relevant to each park.

12. Property of Holiday Home Owner If after the expiry of the annual Pitch Licence, on 31st March following the last renewal, the caravan or any property of the Caravan Owner remains on the Park, thereafter at such time as the Caravan Owner fails to remove it within 21 days of written request by the Company, or if after using best endeavours the Company is unable to locate the Caravan Owner, the Company may as agent of the Caravan Owner, sell such property and shall account to the Caravan Owner for the surplus proceeds, after payment of any sums due to the Company including the expenses of removal and sale. A storage charge will apply from 1st April at a daily rate pro rata of the current annual pitch fee. If after using best endeavours the Company is still unable to locate the Caravan Owner, the Company shall be entitled to retain the surplus proceeds of sale as its own unless the Caravan Owner shall claim the same within 3 years of the date of the sale of the property. If there are no sales proceeds or no significant proceeds, the Caravan Owner must account to the Company for any shortfall between proceeds and the Company’s costs in disposal.

13. It may be necessary or desirable to add, delete or amend the Park Rules from time to time, including for reasons of health and safety, the efficient running of the park, environmental issues or regulations imposed upon us. Changes will be notified to you in writing (postal or email), and/or by publishing alterations on the park notice board.

14. These Park Rules are effective from 1st March 2024. 


1. The Company means Lickhill Manor Ltd. 

2. The Park means the areas of Borders Hideaway, Hay-on-Wye, The Coppice, The Glen, Lickhill Manor, Lincomb Lock, Morfa Bychan, Riverbend and Stay-on-Wye caravan parks used for the positioning of park homes, holiday homes, touring caravans, motorhomes and tents. 

3. Caravan Owner(s) mean(s) the person(s) that own a park home/holiday home/touring caravan/motorhome/tent. 

4. Caravan is as defined by the Caravan Sites Act 1968. 

5. Park homes are those caravans constructed to BS 3632, but exclude holiday homes with optional upgrade to BS 3632. 

6. Holiday homes are those caravans constructed to EN1647.