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Accessibility Statement

The purpose of this Accessibility Statement is to give an accurate description of the facilities at Lickhill Manor Caravan Park, bearing in mind people have various abilities and/or limitations.

General - Lickhill Manor Caravan Park is situated on the outskirts of Stourport-on-Severn, alongside the River Severn, some 1.25 undulating miles by road from the town centre, or 15 minutes level walk along the riverbank.  The majority of terrain is flat and even.  The park grounds extend to 64 acres which are well landscaped with thousands of trees and shrubs. The park owns nearly ¾ of a mile of riverbank which is available for walking, picnics, fishing and boat mooring.

Roads - Most roads on Lickhill Manor Caravan Park are tarmacked, therefore can be easily seen, or be detected by the partially sighted by 'tapping'.  The roads do not have kerbs; the tarmac edges run in to the grassed areas with some minor differences in height.  There are speed bumps on the roads which are clearly marked with yellow triangles.  The speed limit on the park is 8 mph.

Telephone and Internet - Lickhill Manor Caravan Park is in an area of reasonable mobile phone and Wifi coverage.  Should the emergency services need to be contacted, the Park Managers live by the Reception and wardens live by the Booking Offices; a hands-free phone can be provided by the Park Managers for emergency calls, e.g. to contact a relative or Doctor etc.

Free Wi-Fi is provided to all our touring and camping guests.

Landline telephone and internet connection can be organised by individual holiday home owners with the consent of the park Head Office.

Holiday Homes - New and preowned holiday homes are for sale, these are available for the recreational use of owners and immediate family/friends.  Holiday homes cannot be used for rental or hire purposes.  Holiday home entrances are accessible by between 1 to 6 steps, dependent on the individual pitch. If a holiday home owner assesses that they require bespoke access arrangements, e.g. a ramp, then  they should submit plans to our Head Office for authorisation.  All holiday homes are connected to mains electricity, water, drainage and LPG.

 Touring Field and Riverside - Pitches cater for touring caravans, trailer tents, motorhomes and tents.  The Touring Field is level ground with hardstanding pitches offering water, electricity, drainage and Wifi; plus 3 tarmac pitches for very large motorhomes.  Grass pitches for tents (also caravans and motorhomes) are available with electricity and Wifi, plus some with water taps.  Some of our hard-standing pitches are more suitable for wheelchair use, as these are close to the washrooms via tarmac access [please enquire and book specifically]. There are also grass pitches close to the washrooms suitable for less ambulant users.  Most pitches have electricity, car parking is available on all pitches.  From October to March we have an additional 54 serviced gravel hard-standings [used by Seasonal Tourers for April - September]. On  Riverside, the pitches are level grass and open, with plenty of space, 64 of the pitches have electric hook up and Wifi.

Washrooms - The Touring Field washrooms are accessed via a 1 in 12 gradient ramp through a 0.86 m (34”) wide door. There is a separate washroom equipped for mobility impaired use, with a wheelchair accessible shower, seat and handrails, the floor area has plenty of turning space, there is a low level hand basin with lever taps, the WC has handrails and a pull cord alarm, also a low level work surface with hair dryer. The Riverside washrooms are accessed by 3 steps, it is suitable for ambulant use.  Both washrooms are heated during cold weather.

 Other Amenities - The Touring Field play area is accessible via a 1 in 12 gradient ramp, the safety surface is of chipped wood. The play area on the Riverside Field is at ground level and also has a wood chip safety surface.  Both the Touring Field and the Riverside have Pot & Crockery wash-ups with deep sinks.  There are 3 central collection facilities for refuse and recycling of waste. The Touring Field chemical waste disposal sluice is accessed via a 1 in 12 gradient ramp. The Riverside sluice is accessed by a short ramp.  The Reception and Booking Offices are accessible via shallow ramp-ways, tourist information is available at the offices.  Car parking is available immediately outside Reception (disabled parking space) and Booking Offices.

Lighting - The park washrooms are lit permanently when open.  The holiday home park is lit up to midnight only on the main spine road.  The touring area is lit by low level lights during darkness, as are the touring electrical connection boxes.  There is no lighting on  Riverside.

Wildlife Pools - Our wildlife pools are accessible to reasonably ambulant persons, around which there are benches for resting and relaxing.   Picnic benches are placed nearby the pools,  offering easy access seating for the less able.  There are lifebuoy rings adjacent to the pools.

Dogs - Lickhill Manor Caravan Park is a dog friendly environment with many dog waste bins provided. Flag Meadow is available for dog exercise, this can be accessed via gates from various areas of the park. Dogs are not permitted in the washrooms, Reception and Booking Offices, other than assistance dogs.

 Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals  - the telephone numbers for these services are available from the Park Reception and Booking Offices.

Shop - There is a very good Spar mini-market less than half a mile from the park entrance,  selling a full range of food, drinks, newspapers, household items, etc., this is open 7 days a week from 7 am until 9 pm.

Local Transport - There is a bus stop within 100 m of the entrance to the driveway of the park, though the driveway itself is half a mile long and not easily negotiable via wheelchair, unless powered or pushed (there is a short hill).  Bus timetables  can be printed off in the Reception  and Booking Offices.

Taxis - Telephone numbers of local taxi companies are available from Reception and Booking Offices.


If you have any requests or questions, please enquire at Reception, telephone 01299 871041 or email [email protected]


We look forward to welcoming you to Lickhill Manor Caravan Park.


Environmental Policy Statement

Lickhill Manor Caravan Park is committed to providing a high quality of service to all customers, visitors and staff in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy environment for visits and work whilst minimising the potential collective impact on the environment.  We will endeavour to use pollution prevention and environmentally sound methods and practices in all that we do. 

Aims & Objectives

  • work to enhance the value of our park for wildlife.
  • help our customers to do their bit for the environment, by encouraging recycling and environmental awareness, both on the caravan park and at home.
  • help our customers to enjoy and respect the wildlife on the park and to participate in its conservation.
  • reduce the pollution and waste produced by park operations and use natural resources in a responsible way.
  • work as a 'good neighbour' in our locality by supporting our local community, the local economy and local conservation and environmental projects.
  • reduce the consumption of all raw materials (including water), energy and supplies on our park.
  • train employees in environmental matters, to promote and encourage them to take a lead on environmental improvement projects, and in so doing enable them to pass on information to visitors to take on conservation projects.
  • expect high environmental standards from all our suppliers and contractors, using environmentally safe and sustainable products where economically possible.
  • comply with the requirements of relevant environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • periodically assess the environmental impact of all current and likely future operations on the park and local area.