NEW Hillandale Caravan Parks Logo 15 February 2021

Confucius said; “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

This quote neatly segues us to the 86-year evolution of the Hillandale Caravan Parks logo and its new, reinvigorated appearance. We have brought the company logo up to date, reflecting the current holiday home designs [e.g. peaked tiled roofs] on our parks, without losing the familiarity of our company image. 

Please see five of our corporate logos, starting with the refreshed Hillandale Caravan Parks logo, followed by its predecessor which represented the company for over 30 years and featured flat roofed holiday homes (a common characteristic either side of the millennium). Before then the retro blue Hillandale Caravans logo served the company, while previous to that Hillandale Caravans Limited was represented by a blue countryside illustration.

The original corporate logo, Jubilee, was the first name of our company dating from 1935.

The Hillandale Caravan Parks Team